Data Center Graphic

Game changing opportunities Today’s datacenter environment is the fastest moving, most demanding datacenter environment ever. Server virtualization has quickly become mainstream. Data consolidation—at least at the Federal level—is now a mandate. Private and public clouds offer improvements in performance, scalability and even security. And new technologies like Hyperconvergence and “software driven everything” are delivering unprecedented automation, agility and cost savings. These are all game changing opportunities. But where do you start? How far do you go? And will adding value where you need it today position you for where you’ll be tomorrow?

The TKC GLOBAL difference

TKC Global is a proven turnkey provider of dispersed enterprise datacenters with one very critical distinction: we add value by using your current priorities and pain points as stepping stones to a cost smart and streamlined evolutionary data center optimization strategy. The result: you get to where you’re going at your own pace, with resources you can comfortably obtain and with a solution framework that resolves the business issues most critical to you and your customers as you go.

  • Faster time-to-benefit
  • Reduced risk
  • Accelerated ROI
  • Most efficient use of resources
  • Greater budget flexibility
  • Better adaptability to change

So what’s your next move?

Server virtualization delivers a simpler, more automated architecture that reduces costs, accelerates application deployment and enhances disaster recovery and business continuity. If that’s what you need, that’s where we’ll add value. But will your legacy infrastructure still do the job here?

Datacenter consolidation can integrate storage, computer and network products, eliminate cabling nightmares and dramatically lower space, heating and cooling costs while standardizing policy, procedure and system automation for streamlined compliance. If this is your need, our assessment and requirements team can put this initiative into a flexible, ITIL-based solution framework that accommodates anticipated needs anywhere in your datacenter.

Where you’ll finish

Maybe you’re looking for a cloud solution for cost effective scalability while improving your security posture. Or need superior ways of responding to disruptive change while completely eliminating technology silos with a highly automated, easier to manage software-driven infrastructure. If that’s what you need, that’s what we’ll deliver. Because TKC Global has proven datacenter service experience at some of today’s most complex and demanding enterprises, we can support you at any point within the solution stack—from network, I/O convergence and compute to server, application, storage and security. Where we start up is totally up to you. With TKC Global, you’ll finish with a practical and affordable roadmap for wherever you need to go. Contact TKC Global today. You’re closer to datacenter optimization than you think.

The TKC Global Advantage

  • Proven solutions used at the world’s most demanding and secure enterprises
  • Prioritized investment based on mission priorities
  • Database-to-desktop virtualization
  • Accelerated automation
  • Scalable platforms for maximum flexibility
  • Green technology
  • High availability, zero downtime optimization
  • Extended legacy system lifecycles